The filmmakers with the characters of Sons of Perdition - Jan ‘09

Jennilyn Merten, Bruce, Joe, Sam and Tyler Measom

Tyler Measom

Director / Producer / Cinematographer

Jennilyn Merten 

Director / Producer / Co-Editor

Jennilyn Merten is a partner in Left Turn Films. She has produced, directed and edited commercials, industrials and mini-documentaries for a variety of corporate clients. She has recently completed a short documentary titled, Tasteless and is a producer on the feature doc First Position. A PhD. Candidate in American Studies at the University of Utah, Jennilyn writes about 20th Century American culture, the West, and Film.  

She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

For the past ten years, Tyler has managed Left Turn Films where he has written, produced and directed nearly one hundred commercials, short documentaries and industrials for a wide range of national and international clients.  He is the producer of the nationally released feature film, Take, starring Minnie Driver and Jeremy Renner. He has written and directed three short films that have played worldwide at over thirty film festivals. He is now in production on the feature documentary An Honest Liar.

He currently resides in a happy little Salt Lake home under the shade of a giant oak tree.

Learn more about Left Turn Films.

Executive Producers 

Nick Fraser (BBC Storyville), Greg Sanderson, Julia Parker Benello,

Diana Barrett, Abigail Disney, Krysanne Katsoolis, Caroline Stevens


Julie Goldman


Jenny Golden

Consulting Editor

Kate Taverna


Mark Geary

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